Crown Replacement

What You Should Know About Crown Replacement

Crowns are an excellent option for repairing or replacing damaged teeth. They will require some form of repair or even replacement at some point. Complications can also arise, requiring you to have a crown replacement.

Common Problems With Crowns

  • Complications from root canals

  • Breaking or chipping

  • Loosening of the adhesive cement

  • Recurrent decay in the natural tooth underneath

  • Damage from accidents or other external injuries

Replacing a Crown

Dr Lara and Dr Natalie does a thorough examination of your crown to determine if repairing it is an option. That is an option in cases where the damage is mostly cosmetic. He will likely opt for replace if the problem appears to be more extensive than a small chip or crack. The goal is to keep you healthy and prevent bacteria from getting in and causing more severe issues.

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