Dental Fillings

Different Types of Dental Fillings

Dentists use dental fillings to repair teeth with decay. The fillings allow patients to use the tooth for normal functions once again. Fillings also prevent bacteria from getting into spaces left by the decay and causing infections and other issues.

Types of Dental Fillings

Our Doctor's offers patients the opportunity to choose from the following filling types.


Composite resin — Composite resin fillings match the color of your teeth, making them appear natural to the eye. They generally last anywhere from three to ten years.


Porcelain fillings — Also referred to as inlays, porcelain fillings are created in a lab, then bonded to your teeth. Like composite resin, the material is dyed to match your teeth.


Gold — Gold fillings last for around twenty years and interact well with gum tissues. Choosing gold fillings is often more expensive than amalgams, porcelain, or composite resin fillings. You will likely have to come back for multiple visits to fit gold fillings properly.


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