• Root Canal

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

  • Implants

  • Bone Augmentation

  • Soft Tissue Grafting

  • General Recession Treatment

  • Depigmentation Treatment

  • Procedures performed either by Dr Lara Kleyn or Dr Natalie van Niekerk

Regular trips to the dentist for general dentistry checkups are essential for maintaining oral health and a brilliant smile. General dentistry is geared towards the prevention of oral diseases and treating conditions as they arise. Hence it’s recommended that you see your dentist as often as you would your GP to maintain a clean and healthy smile.

At the Cosmetic and Dental Emporium Durbanville, our dentists are available to perform a number of general dentistry procedures to treat and prevent oral diseases and conditions, which we can recommend upon completion of a general checkup.


Our procedures include:

Root Canal

A root canal may seem daunting, but it’s a blessing of a treatment. Root canals aim to repair a badly damaged infected tooth, saving it instead of removing it. Your dentist will clean the canals that make up the inside of the tooth’s root, and while it once was considered a painful procedure, advances in dental procedures mean it’s now virtually painless. It’s less painful to get a root canal than it is to deal with tooth decay, and it’s a necessary procedure to save your teeth.

We utilize Waterlase and Biolase technology for additional in depth cleaning of severely infected teeth to help with healing and prognosis. 



When infected tooth structure is removed, it leaves behind a cavity that needs to be filled in by your dentist. That’s where fillings come in! Fillings can also be used to repair cracked, broken, or worn down teeth. After a local anaesthetic is applied, the decayed area is removed from your teeth via drill, abrasion, or laser, and once sure all the decay is removed, the cavity is disinfected and cleared for filling. After that, the filling is applied in layers and treated to create the exact colour and shape of your teeth for a seamless filling. With the right care, your fillings can last for up to 20 years!



Sometimes extractions are a necessary evil, and there is all manner of reasons adult teeth need to be removed, from decay to infection prevention and removal of teeth that can’t fit in your mouth. Like painful wisdom teeth. Teeth extraction is a safe procedure, and your dentist or oral surgeon will work with you to prevent oral infection after the tooth has been removed. Depending on the scale of the procedure, your dentist will perform the extraction with local anaesthetic or strong general anaesthetic.



Dental implants are synthetic teeth that are embedded into your jaw as opposed to dentures, making them a highly popular solution. Unlike dentures and bridges, your other teeth don’t have to be ground down or prepared for your implants, and don’t result in sore spots, ridges, or gagging. Under local anaesthesia, the posts for your implants are inserted into the jawbone to act as the roots for your new teeth. Then a new crown, or ‘tooth’, is screwed into this post. Implants are a long-lasting solution to missing teeth and even prevent jaw and gum deterioration.


Bone Augmentation

This procedure is typically performed at the same time as teeth extraction and is done to support dental implants. This is necessary if you lack enough natural, healthy bone structure to support implants, necessitating the rebuilding of your jawbone. Your oral surgeon will most typically use a bone graft to create a sound structure for the implants to be secured in. Bone augmentation can also be done to strengthen your jawbone after the effects of disease or injury.


Soft Tissue Grafting and General Recession Treatment

Also known as gum grafting, soft tissue grafting sounds worse than it is. It’s designed to protect your teeth from the effects of gum recession and can improve the appearance of your smile along the way. Gum recession is when the gum pulls away from the teeth to expose the roots, and can eventually lead to tooth loss. Typically, new tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth (only a small amount) to be grafted to your gums. Your dentist will also work with you to provide treatment to prevent the further recession of your gums.


Depigmentation Treatment

Are your gums darker than you feel they should be? Or do you feel like you have a ‘gummy smile’, where a lot of gum is visible when your smile? Darkened gums can rob you of a confident smile, but with laser depigmentation treatment our dental specialists can lighten your gums to give them a rosy appearance. And in the event of gummy smiles, laser treatment can remove excess gum in a controlled fashion to reveal more of your teeth.

Dental Hygiene and General Dentistry in Cape Town

All our procedures are performed by either Dr. Lara Kleyn  or Dr. Natalie van Niekerk. Your perfect, healthy smile is well within reach; get in contact with us, and we’ll happily arrange a dental appointment and consultation for you. Make general dental checkups a routine part of your oral hygiene care, and you’ll keep your mouth and teeth healthy and happy.


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