Teeth Whitening Service

1.5 - 2 hour treatment

After an examination and cleaning have already been completed at The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium Cape Town, we will prepare you for a whitening procedure . We carefully apply a hydrogen peroxide gel solution to your teeth. We take careful precautions by covering your gums with a block-out resin. The solution will be left on the teeth at 15-minute intervals while a blue light will be applied to activate the gel. Finally, the gel is washed away. Usually after three intervals of 15 minutes your teeth will have whitened three to four levels on the shade guide! A fourth interval may be done if necessary.

A relief gel is applied to your teeth and discussions will take place regarding what food and beverages to stay away from for the next few days….and yes, coffee is on that list (don’t worry it’s temporary)! Brief sensitivity will occur to even the most non-sensitive people, but will not last long. Brushing with toothpaste like Sensodyne will help, as well as staying away from foods at both extremes in temperatures for the next day or two.

So, get your sunglasses on! It’s time to shine!

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When will I see results?

Your teeth will be several shades whiter immediately after the treatment.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

Your teeth will be upwards of eight shades whiter from the initial shade. However, the degree of whiteness hinges on the hue your desire and the level of staining on your teeth. Even the mineral content of your teeth plays a role in determining the whitest possible shade.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

There might be a slight feeling of discomfort. However, teeth whitening typically proves painless.

Does teeth whitening damage teeth?

Not in our office. Our teeth whitening methods do not cause any short-term or long-term damage to tooth enamel or dentin. We can help ensure to protect your gums during the procedure in our office. Alternatively, if you choose at-home teeth whitening products purchased over-the-counter, there is the potential for the bleaching agent to leak out onto your gums. When in doubt, rely on our dentist for a safe and thorough application.

How long will teeth whitening last?

In most cases, the whitening lasts for a full year. However, the results of teeth whitening hinge on your unique lifestyle, food consumption and commitment to oral care.

Does teeth whitening beautify crowns or other dental restorations?

No. Teeth whitening only improves the shade of regular teeth. However, it is possible for teeth whitening to restore the hue

of false teeth

Teeth Whitening





90 - 120 MINUTES

Includes Dental Cleaning

Every 6 months you will receive a home bleaching kit from Opulesence




In the comfort of you own home

Includes bleaching trays and bleaching gel