Where To Go For Dental Implants

Where to Go for Dental Implants in Bellville

Having visible missing teeth impacts confidence and makes it harder to face the world. The space left by a missing tooth can lead to deterioration of the jawbone and cause other teeth in your mouth to shift out of position. Dentures can be a good option, but they can’t duplicate the feel of having your natural teeth back.

How Dental Implants Work

Dr. Andre Roux can restore your smile to its former glory by placing a dental implant made of titanium directly into your jawbone. It consists of three separate pieces: the titanium implant that goes into your jaw, the abutment that connects the implant and crown, and your crown, the visible portion that looks like a tooth.

How You Benefit

Implants stimulate your jaw tissue, keeping it healthy and vital. That keeps it from deteriorating, which can cause the rest of the teeth in your mouth to loosen and eventually fall out.


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